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Thought Exploration: Big Questions, Big Doubts pt 2

Thought Exploration: Big Questions, Big Doubts pt 2

Negative expectation is often the easiest to believe in because it is the safest. Make an active effort to keep the negative expectations balanced. ⚖️

When negative thoughts come, remember:

1. You don’t know the future. 🔮

2. Your choices, efforts and investments are real-time factors. 🔀

3. Tomorrow’s circumstances are born from today’s decision. 🌅

4. Nothing is guaranteed and disappointment will come at times, but your dream is worth it. 🧗🏿‍♀️

5. Your identity is not in how it goes. 😎

Just remember that you can let the big questions marinate as you continue to gather experiences, insights, and reflect. Revisit them when you feel it or they come to mind. Acknowledge your truth and be sure to leave room for you to keep expanding and growing. Our beliefs can box us in too, if we are not careful. So let yours set you free instead.

And then…

Be Good. Be Great. Be You.

Want support keeping the negative thoughts in check? #Reachout. I’m here to help.

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