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Thought Exploration: #FearofFailure | #FindYourWhy

TD Sledge Empowerment-Coaching Thought Exploration
TD Sledge Empowerment-Coaching Thought Exploration: #FearofFailure | #FindYourWhy

I. 🗣

The #FearofFailure can be present when Success Growth Joy and Self-Discovery are still within reach.

Don't let fear stop your climb. "Perfect for You" - that's the perfection that matters.

II. 🤔

Often, we can become so aware of the risks, dangers, potential lack, embarrassment, etc. That those concerns lead us to inaction on even our biggest dreams and desires.

Success, satisfaction and achievement, don’t come because the fear factors aren’t present. They come because in spite of them being present, we persevere, we prepare, we are purposed in our pursuit.


Today, exercise your power over the Fear of Failing and #FindYourWhy that makes fear secondary. When the journey gets hard, remember to infuse Purpose into Your Pursuit.

And then,

Be Good. Be Great. Be You.

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