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Thought Exploration: Hang in There

Thought Exploration: Hang in There

This week has been overloaded with the kind of news that I’d never thought I’d hear.

As I make sense of global and national news as well as news of friends’ lives ended way too soon, I just want to encourage anyone having a difficult time right now, to #hanginthere.

1️⃣ If you feel like you are being pushed to the side/off-centerStop moving | Find stillness | Focus on simply being present. Life is a nuanced journey with unpredictable outcomes and perfection is not the key, you are.

2️⃣ If you find you may be pushing someone to the side - Stop doing | Reflect on your impact | Give room for the individual experience. Power is not gained by the control or influence over another. If you are seeking it at the expense of another, explore why you the power within you has not felt sufficient.

3️⃣If you’re watching someone go off the side - Stop just watching | Share what life is revealing to you | Celebrate their victories | Acknowledge their beauty | Admire the differences | Be inspired to defy the limits. Let’s live this life together, side by side.

4️⃣ If you love someone who’s getting harder and harder to find - Tell them | See them | Ask them to make it easier

but more importantly don’t forget to keep looking

Let’s stop the pattern. Stop the pattern. Stop the pattern. Stop the pattern…and





Inspect and then invest your heart. Trust your heart. Trust yourself. Trust your hope. Trust your soul. Trust trust. Trust what makes sense to you when you are being bold- when you are being fearless…

And be you. Don’t be anything but you because you might be the one that’s needed. We can’t put it all together if we don’t have all the pieces. We need you.

Be Good. Be Great. Be You.

Check out other Thought Explorations on the TD Sledge Empowerment-Coaching Forum for more tools to help you define, embrace and manifest the full you. #Reachout I’m here to help.

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