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Thought Exploration: You’re Your Perfect Fit!

“Just be you. You’re the only one who can do it right.”

~TD Sledge

Life is complete with its ups and downs, its lessons and victories and everything in between. The pace, pressure and demands of the day to day often discourage the reflective awareness that acknowledges the nuance of the journey.

Remembering to take time and make space for this kind of reflection is one of the healthiest mental care practices available to us. The best part, it is available to us any time, anywhere and without anyone ever knowing we are doing it.

Reflecting on the journey is a gift from you to you. It is essential to maintaining healthy perspectives and the hopeful forgiveness that is the foundation of self-belief. The ability to believe that becoming who we want to be is always possible when we keep the journey of becoming in perspective.

As we reflect on who we have been (our past actions/decisions) don’t judge, don’t rate, don’t compare. Simply note the thoughts, images, feelings that come up and remember to ask yourself “What are the beliefs/lessons connected to these moments?” Remember not to judge, or rate or compare. (The impulse to do so can be really strong but that’s ok. Simply, give yourself permission to let it wash over and out of you as you decide that you won’t judge, or rate or compare.)

Then, consider who you are in the present moment. The you that is taking the time to reflect. Taking the time to know yourself and your journey. Taking the time to become more purposeful about how you show up as you, day to day.

As you reflect, consider:

What do I know now about my ability to make it this far that I couldn’t have known back then?

What can my journey teach me to help me make better choices and develop healthier beliefs in order honor who I am today and want to be tomorrow?

Don’t forget that we‘ve got this. We are the person best suited for our unique journeys.

Want to share what you found? Let’s have a call!

Be good. Be great. Be you.

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